Monday, November 06, 2006

"The Pirate Queen" Sinks In Chicago

The new musical from the creators of "Les Miz," "Miss Saigon," and "Martin Guerre" (hey, one out of three ain't bad in baseball) is "The Pirate Queen." I must admit, I thought it sounded cheesy just from the poster image and the name. Now the Chicago critics have slammed the show as a mess. The NY Post's Michael Riedel has the skinny on people hoping to make a pretty penny by playing show doctor. I did enjoy this quote from one of the producers (who are wealthy beyond all reason from "Riverdance"): "Obviously, I would be a happier bunny if we'd gotten a better response. But I think the reviews in the main told us what we already knew ourselves." A happier bunny? I've got to root for someone who says that, especially since she sort of implies they knew it was a train wreck already. Hey, the critics didn't tell us it was awful; we KNEW it was awful. Okay. By the way, I'm seeing the awfully quick revival of "Les Miz" on Broadway Wednesday. I know it spawned a lot of bloated musicals, but I still think it's terrific and filled with great songs.

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