Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where Does Disney Make The Most Money?

Disney has movies and DVD sales and the ABC network and TV shows on other channels and theme parks around the world. But buried in the middle of this LA Times business story is a little-known fact: half of Disney's overall profits come from its cable channels. Thank you, ESPN and the Disney Channel.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget ABC.

And Disney channel doesn't make money, it only makes money for other things that are owned by disney. Every disney channel commercial is about a new disney movie or theme park ride.

Biboy said...

And half of those profits come from "High School Musical!"

Michael in New York said...

Hey TV man, I added in ABC to the list of things they own. But this article says explicitly that half of their profits come from pay cable channels, which wouldn't include ABC. The major networks are carried for free on cable via local channels while cable operators pay money to carry ESPN, etc. And that's sort of amazing, since the Disney channel might have been a loss leader just to promote other stuff but in fact has been producing hits that have generated profits in other areas, not least of which the phenomenon that is HSM.