Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Doors Maintain Their Rock N Roll Integrity

After years of feuding, drummer John Densmore and the other surviving members of the Doors have finally reconciled. (Densmore stopped the other guys from touring as The Doors since he and obviously Jim Morrison weren't involved. He also blocked their attempts to license songs for commercials.) As keyboardist Ray Manzarek put it in Rolling Stone, "Everything will be worked out. In the next year and a half [which coincides with their 40th anniversary], we're going to be honoring the excitement, the passion, the rebellious nature that took place on the beach in Venice, California, in 1965, culminating in the Doors' first album in 1967." Wow and how will they accomplish this? With a Las Vegas spectacle, of course, due to open in 2008 and described as "Laserium meets the Haunted Mansion." Because nothing says rock n roll like a Disney theme park ride. Oh, and they're ready to sell their songs for commercials. Said the purer than pure Densmore, "We might consider something technology-oriented or some hybrid car or something, but it's gotta be right."

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