Thursday, April 27, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Idol" Mania

"American Idol" reached 27.4 million viewers and registered 47.5 million votes -- the most ever for a non-finale. God help me, I've been watching the low-rent reality show "Unan1mous" that follows it, but I'm mostly alone. Its audience dropped more than 50% to 12 million viewers. God willing, it'll end next week. "Deal Or No Deal" continues to draw some 15 million viewers. (Why?) "Alias" was dead in the water while "Lost" was another clip job recapping what we already don't know. (The show treads water enough without repeats driving home that fact.) And while "America's Next Top Model" did well on UPN, "One Tree Hill" is not making a strong case for renewal when the WB and UPN merge in the fall.

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