Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EW On Walden Media

Entertainment Weekly has a good feature on the family friendly independent studio Walden, which backed "Narnia," "Holes," and the upcoming "Hoot." Cary Granat is the creative force behind it and I loved the story of his blinding revelation about what types of movies he should work on. In 1997, Granat walked into his living room where he'd carelessly left some dailies from Scream 2. His two year old daughter was watching the horrific killer stalking his victim and she was frightened out of her wits. Granat realized he didn't want her growing up in a world saturated with that kind of pop culture. Two things. First, almost NO movie -- romantic, dramatic, funny, scary or whatever -- is appropriate for a two year old, INCLUDING the family friendly "Chronicles of Narnia." If he walked in on his daughter terrified out of her wits as she watched Aslan being killed, would he vow never to make fantasy films based on children's books? I love it when people come to the horrific conclusion that pop culture should be safe for little children. No, she doesn't need a new film production company. Granat's daughter just needs a parent who DOESN'T LEAVE HORROR MOVIE FOOTAGE LYING AROUND WHERE SHE CAN GET TO IT. What kids need are good parents, not a pop culture denuded of all variety so it is "safe" for little tykes.

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