Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vatican Pulls Out The Stops To Promote "Da Vinci Code"

Okay, in fact the Vatican and far right Catholics are trying to denounce "The Da Vinci Code" (both the book and movie) but all they're really accomplishing is keeping a white-hot spotlight on the massively popular novel and implying that its ludicrous plot twists must have some grain of truth. First, the Preacher of the Papal Household denounced the book in a sermon. (You would think the Papal household would be the LAST one to need a preacher, but whatever.) He did it very coyly, denouncing the book and saying the problems would continue "with the imminent release of a certain film." A certain film? You mean, "The Da Vinci Code" which opens Cannes on May 17 and then opens around the world on May 19? Then the nasty little cult group Opus Dei -- which doesn't think even married couples should have sex (an exaggeration, but true in spirit) -- insists that the fictional film based on a fictional novel should carry a disclaimer so people know that it's...fiction. How stupid are they? Anyone who wondered if it could possibly be true that Jesus didn't die on the Cross and hitched up with Mary Magdalene would have all their suspicions confirmed by the actions of the Vatican. They couldn't have done more to bolster Dan Brown's credibility if they tried.

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