Friday, April 28, 2006

Enough With The Serialized TV Shows

I love "24," and I enjoy "Prison Break" (okay, I enjoy Wentworth Miller) and still feel compelled to watch "Lost." But every network has gone crazy with plot-heavy, serialized dramas that follow in "24's" footsteps. I can't even keep track of them all, but they include everything from a drama about the wife of a senator being abducted to a sitcom about a bunch of losers who want to rob Mick Jagger. Enough already! We didn't like "24" because it was a serialized drama with a storyline that played out over one season. (If we did, "Murder One" would have been a big hit.) We liked it because it was fresh and original. All these other shows are copycats and -- frankly -- the formula is pretty exhausting (I hate watching "24" and "Prison Break" back to back) and the last thing we want is a lot more of them.

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