Thursday, April 20, 2006

Surfing Through "American Idol"

Bye-bye Ace. At least he looked prepared this time, resigned to his fate rather than shocked. But why was Chris Daughtry in the bottom two? Was it because his fan base hated hearing him perform "What A Wonderful World," no matter how well he sang it? Next week, he'll try and pretend some Metallica tune is a "love song" (the vague theme of the week). Being in the bottom two is good because it lets Chris be a bit of an underdog (he's been wrongly pegged as the front-runner). But it does point out a weakness -- next week he has to sing a love song and if he makes it to the finale, one of the two songs he has to perform will be an ill-fitting pop ballad that his competition (Taylor? Katherine?) will be able to handle with ease. And of course the people who like hard rock are not the biggest fans of "American Idol." And wasn't Rod Stewart weak? He mimed out the lyrics of the song (hugging himself, pointing skyward, etc.) as hammily as Ace pointing out his scar. And next week's guest is Andrea Bocelli? The show is REALLY getting middle-aged, making the story in the NYT how every record label is desperate to get their top acts on look even more stupid. Heck, Kelly Clarkson didn't even want her SONGS on the show. "Nashville Star" gets every top act in country music but the much bigger "Idol" can't get a guest artist under 50.


Anonymous said...

Yup - I agree with everything. Thank goodness for my PVR so I can fast forward through the crap. The results show lasted 5 maybe 8 minutes for me. I was able to fall asleep without the horrific images of Rod Stewart in my head.

Michael in New York said...

He really was dreadful and I feel sorry for anyone who buys his songbook albums and thinks they're hearing standards. For heaven's sake, people, Sinatra, Ella, Billie Holiday -- these are the artists you should be buying, not Rod, not when it comes to the standards. Heck, even Jamie Cullum is better.

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