Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The West End's Biggest Hit? It Stars Johnny and Baby

What's the biggest hit in the West End? Is it the smash, critically acclaimed adaptation of "Billy Elliot?" Nope. Is it the coming US import "Wicked," based on "The Wizard of Oz?" Wrong. Maybe it's "Spamalot" from the beloved comedy troupe Monty Python? No. The biggest hit in the West End is "Dirty Dancing -- The Classic Story On Stage." The show was a massive hit in Australia and now it's come to the UK. The show hasn't opened yet. Heck it hasn't even been CAST yet. (Thousands showed up this week for an open audition.) But the name alone has already sold out the first two months of its run and nearly $5 million in ticket sales. Imagine what'll happen when they actually get a cast.

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