Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wendy's CEO: I'm For Profits!

My favorite burger joint growing up was always Wendy's -- whether it was the classy aura of ever-so-slightly higher prices, the Frosty shake that you ate with a spoon or the square hamburgers...well, I don't know. Now of course I realize that all fast-food joints are the devil's work and designed to make me fat(ter). But I still root for Wendy's in the burger wars. They just named a new interim CEO since the last guy "retired" as they lose market share to McDonald's and Burger King. I love the goals of the new CEO: she wants to strengthen core business, execute new initiatives and reduce costs. Her final insight: "Our primary objectives are improving sales and profits at every Wendy's!" Golly, I would have thought that was a given.

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