Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Opus Dei Heads To Cannes -- Stupidly

Opus Dei is going to mount some sort of protest at Cannes, where "The Da Vinci Code" opens the festival on May 17. (That happens to be the anniversary of the beatification of the founder of Opus Dei.) Fine, except the Hollywood Reporter says they'll do it "just days" before the festival begins. Um, since the world's media doesn't arrive at Cannes until the day before it begins, that means Opus Dei will be staging a protest at Cannes when no one is around to see it. Duh.


Reel Fanatic said...

Since any protest will surely only draw attention to Ron Howard's sure-to-be-wretched film, here's hoping you're right and it draws as little notice as possible

Michael in New York said...

Hey reel,
I'm not a big fan of Ron Howard either (most of my friends are very anti- like you), though I still think Apollo 13 is great, Parenthood has dated but is good and Night Shift cheap looking but Michael Keaton's best work. Still, I think Howard is best suited to genre material like Da Vinci, so I hold out hope (and Crowe is a very good actor). But I agree the smartest thing for them to do would be ignore it (not that this would decrease the box office). Not only does it give credibility to Brown's everything-but-the-kitchen-sink conspiracy theories, but for heaven's sake, it's a MOVIE and no more necessary to condemn than Godfather III for riffing on a plot to kill the Pope but Vatican radicals. By the way, Dazed and Confused is coming out on Criterion in May -- I can't wait.

Unionsbuerger said...


Am Anfang war das Wort.