Thursday, April 27, 2006

Top Cable Shows

Ratings for cable shows are harder to come by. Here's the top 15, with the most remarkable results coming from the indestructible "High School Musical." The "Dance" version (in which they broke down some of the numbers) scored 4.4 million viewers and the "Sing" version (with lyrics scrolling across the bottom) which followed immediately reached 3.6 million. That's another 8 million viewers for the umpteenth rerun of this TV movie. Amazing. Meanwhile, "The Sorpanos" stopped its slide in viewers and HBO emphasizes (with reason) that the 8.5 mil viewers doesn't include the video-on-demand, DVRs, Tivo etc that didn't factor nearly as much two years ago. They insist viewership is around 13 mil.

1. The Sopranos (HBO) -- 8.5 mil
2. WWE Raw (USA) -- 5.7 mil
3. WWE Raw (USA) -- 5 mil
4. High School Musical/Dance (Disney)-- 4.4
5. Big Love (HBO) -- 4.2 mil
6. "What A Girl Wants" (Nick) -- 3.6
6. (tie) High School Musical/Sing -- 3.6
7. Law & order (TNT) -- 3.4
8. SpongeBob SquarePants (Nick) -- 3.2
9. Law & order: SVU (Sat at 9 on USA) -- 3.1
10. L&O:SVU (Sat at 10 on USA) -- 3.0


M said...

Um, good for the Sopranos, but followed by wrestling in a close 2nd and 3rd? Yikes for America.

Michael in New York said...

Hey, don't get all dark and moody on me over a little wrestling:) At least it's relegated to cable and not the biggest draw on the major networks, the way it was in the Fifties. But yes, scary.