Wednesday, April 19, 2006

UK Music Charts -- Michael Jackson Still Kicking

And here I'd just written him off. Michael Jackson's song "Smooth Criminal" debuts at #19 on the UK charts. (That's actually a rather modest debut for the tiny UK market.) Apparently they're reissuing some 20 Jackson singles loaded up with extras and collectors are happily snapping them up. On the album charts, the terrific rap artist The Streets debuts at Number One with his album "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living." This despite his first single "When You Wasn't famous" dropping like a stone. Mary J. Blige's duet with U2 on "One" (named in a British poll as the best single of all time)is in the Top Three and Shayne Ward (a star on "The X Factor" -- the UK equivalent to "Idol") debuts at Number Two with his new song right before his album hits stores. And my current personal favorite Corrine Bailey Rae has a top Ten single with "Put Your Records On" while her debut CD is back in the Top Five on the album charts.

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Anonymous said...

Hope this is true, although Michael Jackson has been torn apart by the media in recent years he still is and always will be without question the greatest performer of all time. I hear he's working on a new album due for release next year. Will be interesting to hear what he's producing nowadays.