Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Surfing Through EW's Summer Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly leaps into the summer movie fray with a duller-than-dull cover story on "The Da Vinci Code" in which Ron Howard and Tom Hanks try to pretend there is no controversy about their movie (the same tactic Howard used poorly for "A Beautiful Mind"). The writer seems to have spent about ten minutes with them and whatever their on-screen talents, these guys are very dull interviews. Then EW boldly declares its picks for the Top Ten movies of the summer, along with projected box office. The only problem? So as not to offend anyone, they "boldly" predict six movies will make more than $200 million, with "Over The Hedge" at #7 making some $175 million. Hey, it could happen. Last year, five movies made more than $200 million, but that was a record. In 2004, only three summer movies made more than $200 million. (In 2003 -- 5, in 2002 -- 4, in 2001 -- 3 and in 2000 -- 1.) And it's certainly a safe way to make predictions without hurting any studios' feelings. They may be listed fourth, but they're still gonna get a $235 million blockbuster so how much can they bellyache?

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