Monday, April 17, 2006

Tivo Stock Hits 52-week High? Sell! Sell! Sell!!!

Tivo had good news this week, with Direct TV saying it won't completely abandon the system this year (though it will continue to market its own version to its customers) and Tivo's legal victory of $74 million over Echostar for infringing on its invention. Tivo's stock could hit a 52-week high, so if you're holding some, dump 'em. None of this news matters in the long run in the least -- Tivo is dead. Every single cable company in the country offers a set-top box that is MUCH easier to install than Tivo (no phone lines snaking through your living room). I also own a DVD recorder with a harddrive that does the same thing. And now there are countless ways to timeshift shows via on-demand, network websites or simply buying the show outright on iTunes. With all this competition, Tivo offers absolutely nothing to lure consumers and has had lots of bad ideas (like including commercials you can't fast forward through) that will drive them away. Tivo created a catchphrase (to "tivo" a show) but they didn't create a company that will last.

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