Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now, Even Shows That Criticize Offensive Behavior Banned For Offensive Behavior

I don't know what annoys me more. Is it a cartoon being possibly cancelled by MTV2 because it criticized Snoop Dogg for parading women around in chains by SHOWING Snoop parade women around in chains? (The cartoon showed an animated Snoop doing that and having a dog say, "I find that degrading and I am a dog.")That's like attacking a network for showing photos from Abu Ghraib rather than getting upset at the military. Or am I more annoyed by MTV2's weasley comments: "We certainly do not condone Snoop's actions and the goal was to take aim at that incident for its insensitivity and outrageousness," Castaneda said. Really, you don't condone Snoop? Then why do you constantly show his videos, celebrate him on all your top shows and treat him like a superstar? MTV2 can't have it both ways.

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