Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oscar Predictions -- The Insanity Continues

Nothing drives me bonkers more than people making Oscar predictions about movies that no one has seen or haven't even been filmed yet. The LA Times insists that Jennifer Hudson of "American Idol" is the "odds-on favorite" for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Really? Not one Academy voter has seen the movie, not one critic has reviewed it (heck, it's still being fine-tuned, I imagine) and it won't open for four months. Plus of course, they haven't seen all the OTHER movies that could produce amazing, career-defining performances in the Best Supporting Actress category. Plus Meryl Streep could come to her senses and put herself up for Supporting rather than Lead Actress for "The Devil Wears Prada." Hey, I've actually seen 20 minutes of "Dreamgirls" and I'm very excited about it -- it's one of my favorite cast albums and any short list of POTENTIAL Oscar candidates coming out before the end of the year would definitely include it. But calling Hudson the odds-on favorite is just asinine and does no favors for the young actress. (Monkeyboy used to torture me by coming up with the six or seven movies that would win the Oscar way back in January and INSISTING he knew which one would win. Last year, he said it was Brokeback Mountain, but at least that was after he actually saw the film.)

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