Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shaun Cassidy: Falling Upwards

The one-time Hardy Boy (hey, at least I didn't use "Da Doo Ron Ron" in the headline) just signed a 2 year deal with Touchstone to develop TV shows. I'm glad, since Cassidy clearly focuses on off-beat projects. But isn't this a case of falling upwards? Other than the atypical "Cold Case," his resume is filled with shows that flopped: "Invasion," "American Gothic," "Hollyweird," "PLayers" and "Roar." He's also written for "The Mountain" and while he's an executive producer on "Cold Case" -- the lone hit on his resume -- Cassidy didn't create it. The happy truth? People keep working with him despite those flops because Cassidy strives for quality and all his shows get talked about. And one day, he's going to create an oddball gem that actually gains an audience.

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