Friday, August 18, 2006

"Superman" Vs. "X-Men"

Variety has an interesting look at these two franchises and which studio made out better. Fox got much better reviews and much bigger box office for "X-Men: the last Stand" even though they refused to pony up big bucks for director Bryan Singer. Warner Bros. got Singer, along with disappointing box office and a POSSIBLE franchise. But think about the long-term possibilities. The "X-Men" movies were at an end, probably. But without Singer to oversee them, the Wolverine and Magneto spinoffs seem less likely and much more problematic. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has a happy Singer in its stable -- he might tackle "Logan's Run" and Oscar-potential drama "The Mayor of Castro Street" for them next. I'd have to give the edge to WB, despite the Superman let-down and I wouldn't have until reading this piece.

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