Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"What I Heard About Iraq" -- The Play

A terrific article in the London Review of Books, "What I Heard About Iraq" was a devastating collection of direct quotes and uncontested facts from the major players in this farce. Watching as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al cynically contradict themselves and lie and obfuscate proved remarkably entertaining. The article was reprised a year later, was turned into a book and now it's a play. Here's hoping it comes to NYC, quick.

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old henwife said...

All the politicians who were bulldozed into this invasion and defended it(especially Blair) should listen to this play.
In fact Blair should feature in it. I heard him say that regime change would be illegal, later he said he was sorry that the WMD information was wrong but that he wasn't sorry that the world was rid of a tyrant.
He also said that the troops couldn't wait to go in because it would be #too hot in the summer, the war would only take three months.
Those are only the things I heard him say, live, no doubt there were very many other lies.