Friday, August 18, 2006

You Want It; You Got It -- The Ringtone Charts

Some kids poured over baseball stats as a kid. I poured over Nielsen ratings and box office grosses and traveled 20 miles by car to buy the latest issues of Variety and Billboard. So any excuse to look at a new chart is fine by me. Here are Billboard's Top 10 ringtones. It's pretty static so I won't check in every week. As Marymary pointed out, the theme from Super Mario Brothers is #1, but I was fascinated to see that Henry Mancini's theme from "The Pink Panther" was #8 and has been on the charts for almost two years. The other usual suspects are there, including the themes from "Halloween," "Mission: Impossible" and Skynrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." (You know you're a redneck if your cell phone plays "Sweet Home Alabama" and you don't answer it just so you can sing along.)


mary mary why you buggin said...

gracias for the item miquel. You know you're middle aged when your ringtone is a Michael Buble tune...the best part of ringtones is how that butcher a quality song, yet everyone STIll wants it on their phone.

Michael in New York said...

Another summer day/ Has come and gone away/ In Paris or Rome/ But I wanna go home/ I wanna go home...."