Friday, November 10, 2006

"New York" Magazine Solves The Problem Of Serialized Dramas

"New York" magazine's Adam Sternbergh tells us "how to fix shows like 'Lost.'"
There is, however, a simple solution: Change the format, or at least reimagine it. When it comes to so-called arc shows, we need something between a mini-series and an open-ended run. We need the TV equivalent of a novella: the limited-run show.
Brilliant. Why didn't anyone think of this before? A TV equivalent of a novella. Hmm, what should we call it? Something that combines the idea of TV and novela, something catchy, that let's people know it's not a MINI series but it ain't open-ended, either. Huh, TV + novella. What the heck can we call it? NovellaTV? No. Television-novels? Not catchy enough. How about, uh, telenovela? Hey, that could work.

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