Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Top 100 Albums Of All Time

Time magazine slapped together a list. Normally, this would spark all sorts of comment from me, as well as my own list, etc. But this one is so haphazard, so clearly thrown together and such a product of voting by committee that it's too boring and obvious (and occasionally dumb) to provoke anything other than yawns. It's the usual mishmash of albums and CDs with some jazz and Sinatra thrown in just to look all-embracing. Hey, if you're gonna include jazz, where the hell are about a dozen other artists who probably created more enduring music than DJ Shadow? If you're gonna include Frank, where's Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and a dozen others. Don't tell me they could only include 100 titles when Frank is the only standards singer included. Meanwhile, in the UK they've brought together a list of the best-selling UK albums of all time. Queen's Greatest Hits is at #1 with 5.4 million copies sold. Sgt Pepper is at #2 4.8 million. The best-selling UK album of all time has only sold 5.4 million copies? I know they're smaller than us, but still.

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