Thursday, November 09, 2006

TV News: "Idol's" Pickler Gets A Sitcom, And More

"American Idol's" Kellie Pickler looks like the smartest runner-up of the current season. She's received nice reviews for her first CD, a single is on the charts and FOX just announced they're building a sitcom around her goofy charms. Funnily enough, Sandra Bullock chatted with Pickler during a "Tonight Show" red carpet stunt and insisted Pickler needed to do a sitcom. (Is she one of the producers?) In the show, Pickler is a small-town gal (you were expecting her to be a New York socialite?) who discovers she is the daughter of the governor. "Idol" producers 19 Entertainment is involved and if the show is a hit, they'll find themselves making more money off Pickler's sitcom than any other act from the show.

Also, CBS is gonna show all seven completed episodes of "Smith" for free online (only three aired), plus a written synopsis of where they were headed. Thank God the 27 people who watched the show will have closure. I love the network's sudden concern for stranding viewers who commit to serialized shows. It's not fun to commit to ANY show and have it cancelled -- whether it's a sitcom or a drama or a heavily serialized one like "Smith." Viewers are always left hanging; why the concern only for people addicted to cliffhangers? They should welcome the lack of finality, the masochists.

And ABC is finally listening to reason and moving Anne Heche's "Men In Trees" to Thursdays at 10 p.m. With "Ugly Betty," "Grey's Anatomy" and starting November 30 "Men In Trees," that is one serious night of chick TV.

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