Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Surfing Through "American Idol"

Randy Jackson said the men came on strong in auditions this season. If so, they sure kept them out of sight. The guys that made it were uniformly weak -- in most cases, they were lucky to make it to the next round. Certainly none stuck out as charismatic, sexy and talented, while a good four or five women seemed like standouts. Even in the glimpses of people who got the greenlight but weren't featured on the show, the winners were dominated by women and very few men. Hell Week will be the first chance for us to see if any guys can actually give the gals a run for their money. If I were voting today, it would be another all-female finale.

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Anonymous said...

There were no interesting guys at all. Am I supposed to root for that pee-week cowboy? He looked like he was 12.