Monday, February 13, 2006

Surfing Through "Grey's Anatomy"

Okay, the second half of the two-parter rescued the cheap fantasy lesbian shower scene ABC used to lure viewers of the Super Bowl to its hit Sunday drama. (There was a nice echo it in in an unsalacious context that redeemed it.) But still, this show has gone way over the top -- still lots of good actors in well-defined roles (especially Sandra Oh and TR Knight as puppy dog-lovable O'Malley). They've got plenty of going on in their lives without having to resort to unexploded bombs in men's cavities. And did they have to blow up Kyle Chandler's handsome bomb squad leader? I suppose they would have had a hard time explaining why Grey DIDN'T date him if he didn't die and she has to remain alone and pining for McDreamy. It took five years for ER to get overwrought. Anatomy did it in one shortened season. Not progress.

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popparazzi said...

The show has definitely gone haywire, jumped the shark , whatever you prefer -- I started to give up during the Very Special Episode where two people were pierced through their stomachs by a pole of some sort and when they removed it one of them would die. Totally absurd stuff.