Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Catching Up With Letterman, Conan and Jon

Just watched Letterman interview Al Gore from last Thursday's broadcast. The New York Times had a laughable article in which Alessandra Stanley said there was a battle of wits between Letterman and Leno and that it was a draw. She did at least suggest Letterman SHOULD do better, but even suggesting Leno was close puts her in a category of one when it comes to critics. Her example of Leno's ascendancy -- Stanley narrowed the discussion to how effective they cover politics rather than simply which show is better -- was Leno's toothless whining at Ann Coulter. (Why can't you be nice?) Letterman, in comparison, recently came to blows with Bill O'Reilly and drew blood. And last Thursday, he held a substantive discussion with Gore about global warming, of course, but also Iraq in which he thoughtfully mirrored the confusing feelings most Americans have while getting direct, concrete answers from Gore on what needs to be done next. It was more fruitful than all the Sunday morning talk shows combined. Conan scored on Friday with a raucous sing-along with Bruce Springsteen, who performed two numbers, including "Pay Me My Money Down" with Conan on guitar and vocals. Just a hint at how fun Springsteen's current tour has been. And what does it say about Gay Pride parades when even Jon Stewart -- a friend to gays -- makes jokes about how embarrassing it is to stumble on the parade with your little son in tow?

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