Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gore's Movie: Cooling Down Or Heating Up?

Can you ever call a movie that is one of the ten most successful of all time a disappointment or write a headline that says "Cooler days for global warming documentary"? Only if you want to be misleading. Variety, like many others, has jumped all over the fifth weekend slowdown of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," which has now grossed $9.6 mil after five weeks -- putting it in the Top Ten of all-time grossing theatrically released documentary films and getting there faster than most. Variety again raises the bar and compares the movie to "March of the Penguins" -- the second highest grossing docu OF ALL TIME -- and surprise, finds "Truth" coming up short. And guess what? Every movie released this year will fall short of the $460 mil grossed by "Star wars" -- the second top-grossing movie of all time behind "Titanic." Does that make them failures? Of course not. "Truth" will continue to make money throughout the summer and continue to add to its impressive total. But if it fell off the charts today it would still be a resounding success by any standard.

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