Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Superman Returns" -- First Day(ish) Gross Is $21 mil

A very strong opening for "Superman Returns" -- it grosses $21 mil in its first full day (a total which includes Tues screenings at 10 p.m. and midnight). Yes, "Spiderman 2" holds the record for a Wed. opening of $40 mil, but Supe's total ranks higher than "Batman Begins" and twice as big as "King Kong." In other words, unless you think every movie should gross more on opening day than the one before and is otherwise a "disaster" (which means in 10 years, opening day movies would have to gross $150 mil or so in one day), then "Superman Returns" did blockbuster status.

Biboy and his wife and son all enjoyed the movie, with only biwife thinking it was a tad slow at times. They all gave low marks to Lois Lane, but biwife thought James Marsden struck just the right note as her boyfriend, biboy thought aesthetically it was just gorgeous and their son thought it was all pretty awesome. It's no "Spiderman 2," but fans seem to be finding it solid fun, rather than the more finicky critics who actually hope for, God forbid, an actual good movie. I'm checking it out Saturday night with friends after a Yankee-Mets game.

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