Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DVDs This Week

Here's a look at the DVDs that come out this week.

Failure To Launch
A commercial hit, this witless romantic comedy stars Matthew McConaughey as a guy still living at home and Sarah Jessica Parker as the expert who plans to woo him away from mom and dad (for a fee). Beware any movie that cuts to animals for a reaction shot. Modest extras include a look at the Failure To Launch “phenomenon.”

Family Affair Season One
Never a critical fave, this sweetly gentle sitcom has aged very well indeed, thanks to subtle performances by Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot and two adorable kids who are smart but never smart alecks. Extras include a 21 minute chat with Kathy Garver, who played Cissy. Sadly, not a word from Mrs. Beasley.

Why We Fight
** ½
An almost successful documentary, this begins as a look at the military industrial complex, but avoids most of our country’s history to focus on Iraq and then gets sidetracked into other issues. Solid extras include an update on one central figure, a young guy who joined up after 9-11 because the military looked like his only option.

Slings & Arrows Season 1
Did you like the Tony-winning musical “The Drowsy Chaperone?” Check out this unheralded Canadian drama. It’s about a run-down theater troupe trying to mount “Hamlet” with a new artistic director haunted by a ghost from the theater’s past. It springs from the same creative community as “Drowsy” and has a similar droll wit. Extras include bloopers and deleted scenes.

Also out: Tyler Perry’s crowd-pleasing “Madea’s Family Reunion” (Lions Gate; $28.98); the chameleon-like Tracey Ullman’s “Tracey Takes On… Season Two” (HBO; $34.98); “MLB Bloopers: The Funny Side Of Baseball” (Shout; $19.98); a look at the absurdly obsessed fans of Morrissey in “Is It Really So Strange?” (Strand; $24.99); the Oscar-nominated boarding school drama “Evil” (Magnolia; $26.98); and the funny fourth season of the terrific sitcom “Roseanne” (Anchor Bay; $39.98).

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