Saturday, July 15, 2006

Aaarghhh! "Pirates" Steals More Records

"Pirates of the Caribbean" now holds the record for fastest to $100 mil (two days), fastest to $200 mil (eight days), biggest opening weekend, biggest opening week, etc., etc. Boxofficemojo reports that "Pirates" grossed some $19 mil on Friday, followed by "Little Man" at $17.6 mil and "You, Me & Dupree" at $7.3 mil. (Sadly in fourth place was "Superman" with $3.2 mil and a forlorn hope of breaking $10 mil for the weekend.) I'll let the analysts break all the potential weekend grosses out. But certainly I was right and Box Office Prophets was wrong when they said "Little Man" would gross only $10 mil and I said $20 was much more likely. But what really surprises is that Hollywood Reporter had to quote the website BoxOfficeMojo for the figures (unlike Variety). Shouldn't the Hollywood Reporter be the source of info for most people instead of them having to link to a website for info? How far the Net has come.

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