Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Billy Joel Writing New Pop Songs

Billy Joel is the Piano Man again! After years of self-imposed retirement, Joel has penned at least one new song and opened the door to the possibility of more. Joel famously retired in 1993 after the five-times platinum smash "River of Dreams." (Way to stop on top, Billy.) Since then he's occasionally toured, occasionally crashed his car, and occasionally checked into rehab. (My God, I've turned into the NY Post.) Happily, Joel is currently sober and having a bang-up time on tour. (One of the fun moments at the recent Springsteen concert in Madison Square Garden was spotting the jersey they retired for Billy Joel with the number "12" up in the rafters. Joel set the record at MSG with 12 straight sold-out nights.) Now, in a fine Times of London profile, Joel grouses about the endless greatest hits compilations his record company keeps putting out, says he had nothing to do with the recent boxed set "My Lives," and admits he wrote a song as an anniversary present for his wife. It's called "It's A Good Life" and is the second song he's written since '93. Joel also says he's been approached about more musicals and that he has an idea for a novel set in the music industry. If he gets around to writing it, he'll compose some songs to go with it. So maybe he's not done yet after all.

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