Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Critics And Moviegoers Don't Always Agree! Stop The Presses!

Even more shocking is that the New York Times' AO Scott writes a lengthy column about this tired age-old debate (why do critics sometimes trash movies that people flock to see?) and manages to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW. He also manages to say nothing old with the same indifference. His ridiculous conclusion:
But the deeper answer is that our love of movies is sometimes expressed as a mistrust of the people who make and sell them, and even of the people who see them. We take entertainment very seriously, which is to say that we don’t go to the movies for fun. Or for money. We do it for you.
Huh? Who ndoes he mistrust? And why? If he doesn't go to the movies to have fun, he should stop reviewing them. Now. Sometimes people flock to see crap. Sometimes critics champion a film that no one goes to see. So what? And trust me, if any Joe Schmoe moviegoer had to sit through the three or four major studio releases that came out EVERY WEEK for months on end, trust me, in six month's time they would be just as hard-nosed as the most bitter movie critic.

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