Monday, July 10, 2006

Major Cast Member Leaves "EastEnders"

Wendy Richards will be leaving the iconic British primetime soap "EastEnders" after 22 years. This would be like Susan Lucci leaving "All My Children" -- if "AMC" played in primetime and had the ratings of "American Idol." Indeed, "EastEnders" and "Coronation Street" have dominated British TV for decades. (I had no idea "EE" began in 1985; I just assumed it had been around forever. My even bigger shock was the day I realized this full-figured gal had played the sexpot on the silly sitcom "Are You Being Served?" in the Seventies. She was on that show for some 13 years.) I love that Richards said she felt it was time to move on. After 22 years? What was the first hint -- realizing kids out of college had been born AFTER the show began?

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