Friday, July 07, 2006

Michael Jackson: Wonderfully Weird

I've gone from fantasizing about interviewing Michael Jackson (during the "Thriller" era) to not wanting to hear a single word about him to now being helplessly fascinated by everything to do with him. Jackson is currently being sued by a one-time gay porn director who says Michael owes him money. (Who would loan money to a super-rich superstar like Jackson?) Thank God the trial isn't televised or I'd watch every minute. Among the details: Jackson and Marlon Brando were maybe sort of gonna work on a documentary about acting and Brando wanted to get paid (naturally; Brando loved to get paid). Plus we get to hear phone messages from Jackson, like this gem: "Marc, please never let me down. I like you. I love you. I really want us to be friends and conquer the business world together. Please be my loyal,loyal friend."

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