Monday, July 17, 2006

Omigod! A "Friends" Reunion!!!!

Not exactly. All Jennifer Anniston actually said to the UK press was, "The only thing I can think of doing is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode," she said. Perfectly reasonable comment since that was the initial rumor when the show ended -- that NBC pay them millions to do a Thanksgiving special. It would in fact be a relatively organic one-off idea -- and maybe now Anniston would be willing to do it since she finally has a hit film to her credit (sort of) with "The Break-Up." God knows everyone else should be very available and by now they realize "Friends" will always be the biggest and best thing they ever do. But Anniston wasn't talking about any plans to do a reunion, just casually suggesting the form it would take if it ever did happen. Which it isn't. For the moment. And now she and all the others will have to answer questions about this for the next few years. Until they actually DO a reunion special. (But you can bet one thing -- even if it's set during Thanksgiving, it'll air in November when the huge ratings can boost a sweeps month.)

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