Monday, July 10, 2006

"Pirates" Sequel to the Sequels In the Works?

Good God. Usually, when a movie is as big as "Pirates" you know a sequel is inevitable. (I'm still shocked they haven't figured out a sequel to "The Passion of the Christ." It's called "The Passion of the Christ II: Easter!" you idiots.) But of course we don't need to hear about that for "Pirates' because the sequel to the sequel has already been half filmed and comes out next May 25. But now there's a talk of a FOURTH movie. I should have known. For me, the most interesting part of watching the movie was seeing the audience's reaction to the cliffhanger ending -- this isn't a movie where more adventures will follow; it literally stops in the middle of a very long tale. But the audience reacted vocally with sighs and laughter. They didn't seem annoyed at all. It's good to know "LOTR," TV's "24" (which ended its season with a huge cliffhanger), "Lost," et al have conditioned people to not expect everything to be neatly tied up at the finale.

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