Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Superman Returns" -- $106 mil in 7 (or 8) Days

Okay, Warner Bros. makes a good point when it says only a handful of films haver grossed more than $100 mil in its first seven days. But when the holiday box office breakdown by the Hollywood Reporter and Variety mention how the weekend figures for "Superman" track below even "The Hulk" and "Fantastic Four," it's hard to think of something nice to say. How about, "Hey, at least it made as much money as it could before 'Pirates' opened." They definitely need a big overseas boost and that could certainly happen -- if the anti-US feeling around the world doesn't boomerang onto one of our most iconic American heroes. (Poor Supe. Spiderman doesn't get saddled with blowback from US foreign policy, does he?)

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