Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Superman" Stumbles?

The box office for the first three days is in and it doesn't look good for the Man of Steel. He doesn't compare well to "X-Men" or "M:I:III" or numerous other comparable films -- maybe "Batman Begins" is as close as it comes. But that film had legs and this one of proving less durable. Of course, as I always say -- the only two figures that matter are the budget and the final (worldwide) box office. (And you can throw in DVD too.) But in this case, the budget is easily $200 mil and the box office take may be $75 mil in the first five days. That's quite a bit less than "X-Men: The Last Stand" made in its first three ($102 mil). Not quite enough action for the kiddies, not quite enough romance for the gals (women are staying away, perhaps because Lois was abandoned by Supe and they remain strictly hands-off this time), and it's quite long. Those are the points Monday morning quarterbacks will be raising. My review later.

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