Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Will "Pirates" Save The Summer?

This summer doesn't need saving commericially -- Hollywood is doing just fine. But what we really want is a popcorn movie that is pure fun. Movies like "Raiders" and "Ghostbusters" and "The Empire Strikes Back." Hollywood seems to have mostly lost this skill. Will "Pirates" change that? Aaarghhh. Apparently not. The Hollywood Reporter thinks the movie is an enjoyable mess, but Variety and the LA Times stick to just plain old mess. And why do all the reviews say Captain Jack Sparrow is gay or bisexual? He's foppish and fey, certainly. But Sparrow never made any hints of being interested in Orlando Bloom or any other man that I caught. It's just typical narrowmindedness on the reviewers' parts -- any man who isn't uber-masculine must be gay. Jack Sparrow is his own man -- which of course is the sexiest thing of all. Too bad the movies aren't worthy of Depp's comic creation.


Reel Fanatic said...

Depp modeled Sparrow on Keith Richards, who most certainly is not gay ... I've seen some very positive reviews of Pirates, which describe it as just the sort of fun we need to save this summer .. here's hoping

Michael in New York said...

Another good point.