Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Never Should Have Left The Alligator

That's my college newspaper where I was the editor for six months and worked on the entertainment section (far more successfully) for a good four or five years. Now I find out that mainstream newspapers are floundering but college newspapers -- with their captive and highly desirable target audience -- are doing very well indeed. I wonder if I could get my old job back?


mary mary why you buggin said...

No Michael, you should never have left the alligator. We all should have stayed, slept on the Applause couch and lived off of the free happy hour wings at farahs.

Michael in New York said...

True that. And let's not forget the low cost of living, easy hours, the freedom to write what you want (unless your name was Koretzky) and the joy of being a staff writer with benefits (oh you know I don't mean a dental plan baby).

Anonymous said...

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