Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chinese Underground Spreads US TV Shows To Millions

A fun, fascinating article about Chinese people who donate their time to creating high quality subtitles for US TV shows like "Desperate Housewives" and then spread them on the Internet. Lots of interesting angles: naturally, their worldview and attitudes towards democracy and the US are positively influenced even by innocuous shows like "Friends." Chinese censors cut out all the good stuff from official broadcasts and program them in awkward hours so people won't watch -- for example, they cut out the scene where the kid came out on "Housewives," which must have mightily confused viewers. There's also an hilarious assessment of Chinese-made TV shows: “Our own actors are not bad. Those responsible for making Chinese TV shows pathetic are the directors, screenwriters, editors and the people doing the lighting, music, special effects and makeup. There are bits of poor quality in every aspect, and it adds up to total trash.” Ouch! Finally, there's a moronic spokesperson for the movie studios who says they hope Chinese authorities crack down on these people. That's right, almost no US TV shows can be seen in China, so these people (who do it just for the love of the shows) aren't costing US studios a penny, and they're spreading a love for US TV shows and our country and democracy in general. And this schmuck is siding with the evil dictators of China and calling for them to throw these people in jail.

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