Thursday, August 10, 2006

Metallica Made Floyd Landis Cheat?

I'm just as disappointed by the spread of cheating in professional sports as anyone else. But in talking about the Tour De France scandal, USA Today columnist Jon Saraceno made a rather bizarre comment: "It's not a stretch to think that a dude who listens to Metallica, one who can't remember how many shots of Jack Daniel's he slugged back the night before rallying to win, would grab a needle or apply a testicular patch in a moment of desperation." Huh? People who listen to Metallica are more likely to cheat? Actually, Metallica is a political, thoughtful band that -- unlike many metal bands -- doesn't revel in hard-drinking, hard-partying foolishness in its songs. They are mature, adult, and engaged. But NO MUSIC Landis are anyone listens to would peg them as more likely to be cheaters. Would he be less likely to cheat if he listened to Springsteen or Alan Jackson? What a bizarre comment.

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