Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sean Lennon's New Solo Album Out Soon

I barely paid attention to his first one. But I can't help being interested. He's the son of a Beatle, for heaven's sake. And he's much cooler than I'll ever be (which isn't hard, but he does it so well -- check out the sweater and tie ensemble he sports in the photo). And check out this quote about his best pal stealing his girlfriend: "Basically, all the songs are pretty recent. They're all about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend and its demise, and also my best friend having had an affair with her," Lennon tells "It was kind of beautiful to write about it." He's so blase about it, he's practically French. Meanwhile, his mom is wailing away in Oslo, pouring red paint on her jacket, saying she forgot the words to her classic tune "Walking On Thin Ice" because John was around and messing with her and getting the crowd to sing along to "Give Peace A Chance."

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