Friday, November 10, 2006

When The Hell Is Bond Opening Already?

My God, you'd think the new James Bond movie was opening this week, there are so many articles about it. USA Today has a nice chat with Daniel Craig. (Hey bloggers, you hurt his feelings when you said he'd suck as Bond. That was a silly thing to say, of course, but shouldn't Bond be incapable of having his feelings hurt by some geeks typing snarky comments in their underwear? And no, I'm fully dressed. Today.) The Guardian has a RAVE review (too much, in my estimation). And the LA Times has a lengthy story about the cost of the film and a useful chart of all the Bond movies and what they grossed. On a pure dollars and cents judgment, Pierce Brosnan was far from over. As for gambling $150 mil on the budget, well, I don't know why it cost that much since the film is very low-tech and there are only three major action scenes. But the old school rule of thumb is that the movie needs to make double that. I think $300 mil worldwide will be tough for this movie (again, it drags quite a bit in the middle) and I was surprised to hear Bond isn't a big draw in Japan. But they've definitely made the right move for the series down the road. So $250 mil worldwide (plus all those DVD sales) shouldn't be seen as a disaster. This is an investment in the future.

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