Friday, April 14, 2006

Danger Mouse Is The New Lee Scratch Perry

Danger Mouse is one of the most prolific and indiscriminate collaboraters around -- bless him. Now under the moniker of Gnarls Barkley he and Ce-Lo have the Number One single in the UK, "Crazy." Crazy delicious. This follows up Danger Mouses work on songs inspired by the Cartoon Network lineup. Here in the US, I was glad to see Alan Jackson in the Top Ten with his white gospel music album, "Precious Memories."Until Billboard switched its charts to reflect actual sales totals rather than just what the major chains told them was selling, you would never have seen such a diverse mix on the charts as you do today, with country, hip-hop, emo and adult contemporary cheek by jowl. Now if only Bookscan could overthrow the tyranny of the New York Times bestseller list, which ignores entire genres like kid's books.

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