Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Surfing Through "24"

Only eight hours left and the show hasn't stumbled yet. Usually by this time, 24 has hit a weak patch, with a ludicrous plot twist or character-in-danger storyline that stretches believability even by this show's standards. That hasn't happened yet this season (except for the oh-so-brief sexual harrassment nut -- but we can only hope they've dropped that idea or dispense with it quickly). SPOILER: And now we find out the President has been pulling a Bush: behaving like an idiot so he can mastermind evil deeds. Very satisfying, though it would be nice to see Jack Bauer actually get something done for once WITHOUT screaming at the top of his voice. Five years on and the plot twists have gone from jaw-dropping to giggle-inducing, but it's great fun. They really should retire the show, take a year off and then launch a movie franchise. Or squeeze out another three days and call it quits. But doing a movie alongside the series would be overkill that ruins everything.

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