Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Detective Day!

I've decided to launch my own holiday. Did you know, the Detective Branch of London's Metropolitan Police was established on August 15, 1842? It was a plainclothes branch of detectives based at Scotland Yard, of course. The first head was Inspector Nicholas Pearce with Inspector John Haynes as his deputy. A handful of men served under them (roughly six) and it was for a while the only such branch in the UK (and presumbaly the world) dedicated to detectives. So, I think today is the 164th Annual Detective Day! I've been celebrating by diving into some books and TV shows. Click here to read more.


Anonymous said...

October 4 is "Broderick Crawford Day."

Michael in New York said...

Fair enough. But why oct 4 and not his birthday Dec 9? Mind you, we could watch his TV show Highway Patrol or King of Diamonds on Detective Day and then get trashed on Broderick Crawford Day and bemoan our tattered career. By the way, in looking up that info, I found out his arch-enemies on King of Diamonds (where he was a private eye for the diamond industry) was the hilariously named Illegal Diamond Buyers' Syndicate. Talk about tipping your hand!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. They probably used the acronym in their business dealings to throw off the heat.

Dec. 9 may be Crawford's birthday, but only two numbers will represent Highway Patrol forever in my mind.