Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adult Child Molester Poses As 12 Yr Old And Goes To Middle School

I was just reeling from a description of court testimony against another child molester who kept meticulous records of the boys he violated: the man had grouped them under categories like "Blond boys" and -- this is the one that broke my heart -- "Boys That Just Cried." Now there's this horrific, too terrible to be believed story of a 29 year old child molester who shared a home with three other sex offenders, posed as a 12 year old (!) and was attending seventh grade. So nightmarish, you have to laugh. Here's one dry bit of detail:
Robin Kaiser’s daughter Kaitlin shared a class with “Casey,” but he failed to make an impression, Ms. Kaiser said. “She remembers him, that he was quiet and sat in the back of the classroom,” she said. “She said he looked like he had been held back.”
But here's the kicker: two of the sex offenders he was living with -- one posing as his grandfather and another as his uncle -- apparently were ALSO tricked into thinking the guy was a minor and had sex with him under that assumption, then moved to another state where they could pose as his guardians.

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