Friday, January 26, 2007

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick To Return To "The Producers?"

They've always had a standing offer and with the show set to close in June -- to make way for "Young Frankenstein" -- Lane and Broderick might very well suit up one more time in the goofy, Tony-winning musical. Tickets will be priced at ten zillion dollars for orchestra seats and only ten bajillion dollars for upper balcony. I wouldn't read anything into their NOT deciding to do it one more time. But if they do team up again, it would demonstrate that Broderick and Lane are still friends after the touchy "Odd Couple" revival and their understandable feelings of annoyance that people want to team them up. (They've both had terrific careers on their own, of course.) And it would show Broderick isn't hurt (or not TOO hurt) that he won't be playing the Gene Wilder role in "Young Frankenstein," something he seems well-suited for.

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